Source: compute/socialChoiceMethods/huntingtonHill.js

/** @module */

import * as types from '@paretoman/votekit-types'
import divisorGeneral from './divisorGeneral.js'

 * Run the Huntington-Hill method of apportionment and return an allocation of seats.
 * @param {types.typesVotes.votes} votes - The object for vote data.
 * @param {types.typesSocialChoice.socialChoiceOptions} socialChoiceOptions - options to specify a social choice function.
 * @returns {types.typesSocialChoice.socialChoiceResults} - the results returned from a social choice function.

export default function huntingtonHill(votes, socialChoiceOptions) {
    const typeOfDivisor = 'huntingtonHill'
    const socialChoiceResults = divisorGeneral(votes, socialChoiceOptions, typeOfDivisor)

    return socialChoiceResults

/** @constant {object} - an object: this function and descriptions of its name, input, and output */
export const huntingtonHillMetadata = {
    name: 'Huntington Hill',
    shortName: 'Huntington',
    functionName: 'huntingtonHill',
    voteCasterName: 'plurality', // for input
    socialChoiceType: 'allocation', // for output
    elect: huntingtonHill,